Kakabeca's Concertillion


Kakabeca's Concertillion

Acrylic on Canvas    40 x 20    2012

$1300.00    Venue:  Artisan Zone

This painting captures a moment during a vacation trip that took us all the way around Lake Superior.
Not far from Thunder Bay 
is the very scenic Kakabeca Falls. 

I don’t know what it is about water – it always lends itself to making a place seem magical:  
the deafening sound of rushing water and foliage rustling set the scene.

 I wanted to capture the energized tranquility of the falling water.
To express this power, I painted white water 
falling against the dark wet rocks. 
The white water allowed for explosively vertical shapes in many colorful versions of white!
The horizontal shapes of the dark wet rocks are very structural by comparison, and add stability to the composition.

 Usually, I don’t put human figures in my landscapes, but this time I did.  There’s a figure in blue on an observation deck overlooking the falls and experiencing the tranquil energy.  She’s standing in... to remind us of the physical experience of being where the power of water roars over rocks and the mist cools your face.

© Amy Ferrari 2013