Barn Sided


Barn Sided

Acrylic on Canvas    24 x 24    2011    sold

This is another farm site from around the Waterloo Region.

I was excited by the angular shape of the bright red barn in the foreground, juxtaposed with the greyer weathered building in the background, both surrounded by flowing foliage. 

 I was drawn to the part of the red barn where there’s a white brick exterior.  It makes me think that there’s something extraordinary inside.  I sooo wanted to peek into all the windows of the barn.

 It’s as if the windows are teasing me and taunting me to take a look.   The trees and other foliage are in on the secret, and the distant building is glad to not be getting all the attention.

Original Reference Photograph for Painting

Barn Sidedref


© Amy Ferrari 2013