Gaspe's Grand Serenousphere

Gaspe's Grand Serenousphere

Acrylic on Canvas    48 x 36    2011   sold

 I found the inspiration for this painting during a vacation in Quebec, driving around the Gaspe Peninsula.  I hadn’t experienced the East coast of Canada before, with its farmland juxtaposed against the ocean

 I was captivated by the serenity of a pastoral setting playing against the magic of water. 


 The sun fought with the clouds all day but the clouds won, as you can see in my painting.. 
What especially inspired me were the bales of hay …  the way they seemed to roll towards the water. 

The combined effect of all of this was a glorious serene atmosphere….  Serenousphere!

Also available as a Giclee Print.

  Original Reference Photograph for Painting


 Check out the Morphing Video!  (may not work on mobile devices)

© Amy Ferrari 2013