Over Growth Sanctuary

Over Growth Sanctuary

Acrylic on Canvas    28 x 22    2012    sold

This painting captures a scene from one of our many Sunday drives around the Waterloo Region. 

Driving around pastoral landscapes, I can’t help looking at all the farm buildings and wondering about their history.  

 The form of this building intrigued me.  It lacked the typical barn shape, yet it was too large to be a shed.   It sat high on a hill,  as if looking down upon me. 

 Also, It was overgrown.  Almost as if its contents were too important or too special to be disturbed – like a museum of sorts …a hallowed hall of specialness.

 I loved exploring the weathered wood. The neutral colors in the weather-greyed browns gave me the perfect excuse to bring in all the other colors in neutral versions.

Original Reference Photograph for Painting

OverGrowth Sanctuaryref


© Amy Ferrari 2013