Trees Cheering up the Moon


Trees Cheering-Up the Moon

Acrylic on Canvas    30 x 24    2011    sold

This group of trees originated  from a section of a different painting, “Limitless Afternoon Dreams”

What a fun explosion of foliage!  When I see clumps of trees, I have to wonder what are they all up to?  What are they saying to each other?   In this case, all trees speak together in concert, communicating with the moon. 

The moon is having one of those days where he’s fully exposed during the daylight hours. He is embarrassed to be seeming like he’s competing with the sun. 

 The trees know the moon can’t really help it, so together, they are trying to comfort the moon.  And the grassesare equally enthusiastic!
“It’s OK, moon!”

Original Reference Picture for Painting  (Section of "Limitless Afternoon Dreams")

© Amy Ferrari 2013