Limitless Afternoon Dreams

Limitless Afternoon Dreams

Acrylic on Canvas    36 x 30    2010   sold

Another typical rural scene, trees, grass, a shed, and lots of clouds in the sky! 

It’s an early Summer afternoon, and with the shed keeping an eye on things, the trees and the clouds are actively discussing the chance of rain later in the day.

I was attracted to this scene because of the way the land layered itself into the distance and out to the shed, giving a wonderful sense of openness.  I almost feel as if I could run to my heart’s content and still have the security of a structure in case of rain. 

 The clouds are in control here, happily for now, they just seem to want to play with your imagination.

Also available as a Giclee Print.

  Original Reference Photograph for Painting

 Check out the Morphing Video!  (may not work on mobile devices)

© Amy Ferrari 2013