Summer Meadow Dance

Summer Meadow Dance

Acrylic on Canvas    24 x 24    2010    sold

Yet another rural scene, trees, grass, and some clouds in the sky.
It’s a hot Summer day, and the heat 
is mesmerizing the foliage. 

 I was attracted to this scene because of the way the land layered itself into the distance and the way the bushes and trees either stood singly, or grouped together with their buddies.

 Some trees are aloof, not wanting to share the air, but others are more supportive and communicative during the almost oppressive heat and humidity.  In fact, some of the groupings almost seem to be excluding some of the others.   Such drama!

 Most of the foliage is trying to stave off the stagnant air by getting in as much motion as possible, given the conditions.

 Is there rain in the forecast? 

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Original Reference Photograph for Painting


© Amy Ferrari 2013