Color lab

An In-Depth workshop series with Amy Ferrari

10  sessions

The class takes place at the Button Factory in Waterloo.
Register at  
or register in person at 25 Regina Street in Waterloo.

This  series is an intensive course on mixing and using color in acrylic paints.  

It is not an appropriate class for beginners.  However, if you’ve been through my beginner’s class, ‘Art From Random Elements’, you’ll be fine for  Trouncing the Color Wheel.  Students should be 15 years old or older. 

The exercises are fun, but not easy, and they will require persistence and thought.  
It will all be a worthwhile experience of learning through doing.

If you’re interested or have questions, e-mail me:


The entire first session will be dedicated to discussion of color theory, and there will be no painting during the very first session, as it will be all discussion.  You will receive hand-outs and may want to take notes.  Part of the discussion will be the appropriate paints and other supplies to buy and there will be a list of required colors.  

The other  purpose this class is to embolden your use of color;  to stretch the possibilities of colors use, to be more accurate, more expressive, and more imaginative.  

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