Collaboration Ideations with the Language of Line

A New Concept for Team-Building

Collaboration Ideations with the Language of Line


Is your group new or lacking cohesion?

Invigorate your group's collaborative efforts with this creative, revealing and challenging communication exercise!

No artistic or drawing ability is required!

It’s fun!

In this new workshop, the irrepressible Amy Ferrari fosters a new way of visual thinking by introducing your group to the fascinating Language of Line. Through much collaboration, various team-building concepts (communication, integrity, etc.) are explored and expressed visually. How cool would it be to communicate with only lines and without words or symbols!?

It’s educational!

Participants will be challenged to transform their line drawings so that they work effectively within an expandable and versatile modular system. Again, collabora- tion will be needed in order to find unique visual solutions. What becomes increasingly evident is that the interface created between squares is just as important as the content of the squares.

It’s collaborative!

Your group will work together to visualize key concepts and then synergize them into a one-of-a-kind attractive display of square panels that can be arranged and re-arranged! Each square module will represent one important team-building concept.

The endless ways the squares can be configured will help participants envision the interactive dynamics of these concepts and produce insights into how team members can effectively work together.

It’s customizable!

The number of participants can be scaled from 4 to 30 participants.
The required time can be varied from 2 to 3 hours.
Materials provided can vary from markers and paper to paints and canvases! The team-building concept list can be tailored to suit the needs of your group. The workshop is highly portable, so most any location could be suitable.

integrity v2
integrity v3
integrity v4

No artistic or drawing ability is required!

Amy Ferrari, an independent artist living in Waterloo, specializes in transforming any imagery into amazing abstracted paintings using acrylic paints. She also teaches a variety of unique classes at the Waterloo Community Art Center ( The Button Factory - including ”Trouncing the Color Wheel”, ”Transformations from Random Elements”, and ”Exploring Tesselations”. Check out her website,

If you have questions or would like to set up a planning session, please contact Amy via email: 

For a download-able PDF, click here:  Collaboration Ideations Brochure

For a  PDF sample list of team-building concepts, click here:  Concepts

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