I love what I do so much,
It's hard to not want to share what I've learned over the years with others.  
I teach in a relaxed atmoshere, with lots of fun and nurturing guidence.

Currently, I teach a variety of unique classes each year at the
Button Factory in Waterloo. 

Color Lab  is a very intense series about color mixing and usage.  
This class is not best for beginers.


Explorations with Tesselations  is meant for anyone fascinated by tesselations as seen in the works by M.C. Escher.


 Art From Random Elements is meant for beginners, and explores the fundamentals of abstract art in acrylics.

IMG 2199


Collaboration Ideations Through the Language of Line is a new program designed to invigorate your group's collaborative effort through a creative, revealing and challenging communication exercise.


More Avenues for Teaching….

I'm open to all kinds of teaching opportunites and speaking engagements.
Please contact me via email if you are interested in:

Art-based Team Building
Art-based Speaking Engagements
Lessons in Acrylics, Color, Composition, Abstracting, Transforming
Seminars on Visual Literacy, including the Language of Line, the Language of Shape, the Language of Color, and the Language of the Picture Plane.

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