Purchase Art!

For existing paintings…..

First check out the information on the painting.
Click on the Sidebar "All Available Paintings" to make sure it's available,
to find out the price, and to check the dimensions of the painting.

If you would like to purchase a painting (or if you would like additional information)  please email me -  amyfcar@aol.com.  

As diligent as I may try to be with updating my site, delays and errors can happen, so it's good to double check with me on the availability status of any particular painting.  I'm happy to arrange a viewing or a meeting locally at most any time.


To Commission a painting…..

I'm happy to meet with you to discuss what I can do for you,
just send me an email and we can set up a place and time to meet.

Pricing depends on size and detail and other factors.
The average price for a 36 x 36 inch painting runs around $1500.00.  

Once I know the size of a painting you'd like and am able to see and ponder the photo or other reference material that you (or I) provide,
I'll be able to determine a price.



Generally, the way commissions work with me is this: 

I will execute the painting in the size you choose, keeping in mind your preferences, and then I'll paint the piece in my unique style, the best way I can.  

In most cases, I will not take a deposit.  You will have the first right of refusal - meaning I won't sell it to anyone else before you have a chance to make sure you want to purchase the piece.

If you're happy with the painting, you'll pay the agreed upon price and everyone's happy.  

If you're not happy with the painting, I'll still have a painting that I'm happy with to sell, because I accepted the subject and I rendered it my way.  You won't owe anything, and everyone's happy.

 I'm never really sure how long any painting will take - much depends on size and the level of detail.   Usually at least two or three weeks can be expected, usually longer.  I don't really work with deadlines if possible - but I will be pleased to keep you updated on the progress of a project.

If you would like to commission a painting (or if you would like additional information)  please email me -  amyfcar@aol.com.  

And Finally…..


Cash is always great.  Checks are usually OK, right?
PayPal or Interac are often used, and Payment plans are OK too.


If shipping is required, the purchaser pays for the crating and the shipping.  If shipping is required to the U.S., the purchaser also pays for the duties.  I use FedEx International Ground to ship paintings to the U.S.

If a painting is very large, it can be quite cost efficient to take the painting off the canvas stretchers and roll it to fit in a shipping tube.  
The purchaser would then need to find a quality framer to re-stretch the painting onto new stretchers.


Taxes are always incorporated within the price of the painting.


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