Expressions in Abstract Agreement

These are the paintings I prepared for my solo show at the Rotunda Gallery in Kitchener's City Hall in February of 2010.  I prepared a booklet for this exhibit showing the reference pictures for each of the paintings that were transformed from photographs. "Beguiling in the Backlight" was not actually in the exhibition, as it was executed after the show, but I include it here because it was intended to be included with the other paintings in this group.

Expressions in Abstract Agreement

This is an exhibit about the plastic harmonies of non-representational biomorphic shapes and the emotional relationships and stories that are demonstrated by the spatial relationships of these shapes.

Due to the natural preconceptions people have, recognizable objects and symbols can often distract the viewer from the ultimate expression found in their relationships.  Instead of the easily identifiable objects, I use sensuously animated organic objects that are non-representational.  With wonderfully colorful skins, they overlap and intertwine amongst each other, creating a depth of space that is captivating.  Therefore, my viewers get taken to a different sort of universe - where abstraction is the rule and perception becomes more intuitive.

My elements are born from various forms of bricolage.  Often I’ll use random elements, such as paint drips, smears, and splatters, creating shapes by means of chance.  Other times, I’ll borrow images from reality, such as clouds, engines, or foliage.  Once born, the name of the game becomes ‘transformation’.  As the transformations proceed, their personalities become increasingly obvious; and the elements become much like characters in a play.

I have a strong desire to create harmonious environments.  As a painter, I am a wrangler of visual elements, always trying to get them to behave and exist together harmoniously.  Those rascals are not always so compliant!  Through much give and take, many transformations, and many ‘discussions’ about how and why the elements influence their neighbors, we all eventually come to a peaceful, unified conclusion...... Agreement.  Once the ultimate agreement has been attained, changing any of the elements - even slightly - will disrupt the delicate balance of the painting - much like if one were to disturb the lines and blocks of color in a composition by Piet Mondrian.

Lately, my ‘characters’ seem to want to do more than tell more elaborate stories than ones of mere co-existence.  More purposeful  ‘discussions’ have already started and will likely continue to appear.

© Amy Ferrari 2013