Bodacious Bucolic Extracts


These are the paintings I prepared for my solo show at the Rotunda Gallery in Kitchener's City Hall in February of 2012. 

Bodacious Bucolic Extracts

This exhibit celebrates the powerfully serene beauty found in landscapes and is inspired by our regional farm-scapes, in particular.  Contemporary life can seem so hectic that the energizing calm of the open countryside often goes under-appreciated or forgotten.  

I am investigating ways to display the usually unnoticed yet amazing vitality of trees by purposefully extra-animating their inherently biomorphic shapes. Dancing in the wind!Reaching for the Sun!  Exuding fresh oxygen!  I am exploring new ways to exaggerate the ethereal choreography of clouds and profound emotion hanging in the panoramic skies.  And I’m searching for new forms to exalt the hidden secrets in the time-weathered rural architecture.  

Though the shapes I am using are based on forms from reality; I am transforming them into sensuously organic abstracted embodiments.  They overlap and intertwine amongst each other, creating a depth of space that is captivating.  Therefore, my viewers get taken to a different sort of universe - where abstraction enables perception to become more intuitive.

All the spectrum colors have been invited to play, from limitless reflections of winter whites to the lush summer greens.  Layers of color combine inextricably with definitively expressive shapes - resulting in boldly harmonious and innovative works. 

© Amy Ferrari 2013